Safe In The Steep Cliffs (Album)

This is the second album by Emancipator, young DJ Douglas Appling, and it is certainly one of the best down-tempo albums I have ever listened to.

I have discovered Emancipator two months ago while  I  was  browsing  “related artists” section on Bonobo’s Spotify page. I just loved the name of     the album and decided to listened to it. And I have been hooked since then.  Isn’t the name of the album just beautiful by the way? It is like a one line   poem.

The album is soft and mellow yet it is dynamic and refreshing. Emancipator’s collage is rich, mature and sophisticated. You can hear  guitar,  violins  and even banjos here and there. It lifts your soul up by injecting a cosmological awareness into your blood. It spans a vast diversity of  feelings and blends   them nicely. You can feel the sadness and the happiness at the same time.

That weird, Proustian feeling of emptiness in your chest… If you like that feeling, you will love this album.

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